Scattering methods


Scattering techniques are intrinsically sensitive to periodic and regular structural features since they detect their Fourier transform. With the advent of modern x-ray optics and latest generation synchrotron-SAXS- and SANS-beamlines, high-resolution scattering patterns can now be obtained with very short accumulation times (sub-millisecond) enabling a fast and detailed measurement and analysis of ordered nano- and mesoscale materials. We are developing new mathematical methods for a quantitative fast automated analysis of scattering curves and scattering patterns, which together with the ESRF is integrated into a software (Scatter) available for a broad user community.


Recent topics:


Scattering curves of orderes mesoscopic materials

(J. Phys. Chem. B 2005)

Quasi-forbidden Bragg peaks in soft crystals

(Nature materials 2007)

Calculation of scattering patterns of ordered

nano- and mesoscale materials

(Adv. Coll. Interfaces. Sci. 2011)

Scatter, a software for the analysis of small-angle scattering

(J. Appl. Cryst. 2010)